Camp Today Module Training

To learn how to use the Camp Today module and Facial Recognition add-on, watch the training below.

In this training, we demonstrate:

  • How the blog appears to readers
  • Setting up Camp Today blogs
  • Creating blog posts
  • Controlling blog settings
  • Facial Recognition matches as they're presented to parents
  • Managing/reporting on Facial Recognition matches

1:03 Viewing blogs from the Parent Dashboard 
3:49 Filtering posts by tag/date 
4:51 Viewing individual posts 
5:46 Photo posts 
7:03 Add a photo to "My Photos" 
9:11 Viewing "My Photos" 
10:08 Facial Recognition Matches (Parent side) 
13:58 Camp Today Media Dashboard 
14:16 Creating Blogs 
16:00 Blog Tags 
16:47 Managing a Blog 
17:40 Add a Photo Post 
21:38 Add a Video Post 
22:18 Add a Text Post 
23:55 Viewing a New Blog Post 
24:37 Facial Recognition Matches (Admin side) 
28:00 Facial Recognition Reporting 
33:56 Authorized Users/Extended Family Members
35:10 Adding Extended Family via the Parent Dashboard 
37:06 Authorized Users (Admin side) 
39:10 Camp Today Admin Settings

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