Phase 3: Family/Camper Profile, Invoicing & Auto Pay

To learn how to use the Campers module, watch our 4 phases of training.

In Phase 3 of 4, we demonstrate how to utilize family and camper profiles and complete the batch invoicing process.

Looking for something specific? Reference the timestamps below to fast forward as needed:

00:51- Family Profile 
01:48- Family Profile- Primary Parents tab 
02:44- Family Profile- Tasks tab 
04:47- Family Profile- Emails tab 
06:33- Family Profile- History tab 
07:20- Family Profile- Quick Notes 
07:42- Family Profile- Notes tab 
08:34- Family Profile- User Permissions for Notes 
10:19- Family Profile- Financial tab- Transactions tab 
13:18- Create, Reverse, Delete a Charge Transaction 
22:36- Highlighted Transactions 
23:59- Create a Discount Transaction 
24:19- Create a Payment Transaction 
31:47- Void/Reverse/Delete an Electronic Transaction 
33:38- Create a Refund Transaction 
35:00- Create a Credit Transaction 
35:57- Yearly Balance and Statement 
38:15- Invoices tab 
44:01- Credit Cards tab 
46:36- Checking Accounts tab 
47:37- Family Profile Action Menu 
51:28- Camper Profile 
52:06- Camper Basic Information 
52:51- Yearly tabs 
53:07- Enrollment tabs 
54:59- Forms tab 
55:15- Emails tab 
55:57- Camper Profile Action Menu 
57:28- Changing a Camper's Enrollment 
1:04:31- Invoicing & Auto Pay Process

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