Phase 2: Emails, Bunking Boards, Camper/Family Forms, and Enrollment Requests

To learn how to use the Campers module, watch our 4 phases of training.

In Phase 2, we demonstrate emails, bunking boards, camper/family forms, and enrollment requests.

00:59- Saved Emails 
03:56- Composing and Saving an Email 
18:43- Saved Email Features 
20:19- Saved Email Signatures and Custom Templates 
22:35- Bunking Boards - Creating Boards + Assigning Campers 
34:32- Bunking Boards - Admin Settings 
38:28- Setting up Camper Forms 
42:47- Creating a Form 
51:31- Add/Edit Form Questions 
56:00- Edit, Preview, and Print Forms 
57:40- Move, Copy, and Categorize Forms 
1:02:28- Family Forms 
1:04:47- Enrollment Requests 
1:10:06- Approving an Enrollment Request/Manually Enrolling a Camper

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