Medical Module Training

To learn how to use the Medical module in CampSite, watch the training below.

In this training, we demonstrate:

  • How the health history forms look to parents
  • How to customize the content on your camp's health history forms
  • How to view a camper's medical data from their profile
  • How to create health center visit logs and record medication deliveries
  • How to create printed medical forms
  • How to print health forms/medical data in mass

02:57 Health History Form (from the parent's perspective) 
05:49 Health History Form Part 1 (Allergies, Dietary Restrictions, Restrictions, Insurance) 
10:01 Health History Form Part 2 (Immunizations, TB/Chicken Pox) 
12:23 Health History Form Part 3 (Medications, Forbidden OTCs) 
15:53 Health History Form Part 5 (Emergency Contacts, Health Care Providers, General/Mental Health History, Permission to Treat, Custom Medical Questions) 
19:52 Printed Medical Forms 
21:18 Health History Form Admin Settings 
24:05 Health History Form Configuration 
29:21 Medical Data on the Camper Profile 
39:20 Admin User Email Notifications for Medical Form Submissions 
40:30 Medical Dashboard 
41:09 Medical Dashboard - Medical Management tools 
49:43 Medical Dashboard - Health Center Visit Logs 
56:36 Medical Dashboard - Medication Delivery tools 
1:02:00 Editing Medication Deliveries via the Camper Profile 
1:03:45 Medical Dashboard - Medical Reports (Generating Medical Data in Mass)

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