Notes Categories

Admin users can record internal notes via the "Notes" tab on each profile page in CampSite. 

Each time a note is created, it's assigned to a specific note category. Camps can create/manage their preferred note categories via the Notes admin settings for their database.

Control which admin users are allowed to read/edit/create notes within each category via the note category settings.

Each module has its own Notes settings on the Admin page. First, select a module tab (e.g. Campers; Families; Staff); and then select "Notes" from the sidebar menu underneath.

From the Notes page, admins can:

  1. Add new categories
  2. Edit categories
  3. Delete categories

Note: Admin users cannot access the "Notes" admin tab outlined in this article unless they have the Notes admin user permission for the corresponding module. Click here to learn more about user permissions.

Add New Categories

First, click the "Add new category..." link.

Next, type the name of the category; select which admin users are permitted to read/edit/create the notes in this category, and click the add the category.

Edit Categories

Change a category name and/or edit which users are allowed to access notes within the category.

Double click the pencil icon for the category you wish to edit.

  1. Type a new name to change the current category name
  2. Select which users can read/edit/create notes for this category
  3. Click "Edit category" to save changes

Delete Categories

Double click the red delete button to delete a category.  If a category has notes in it, you cannot delete that category.

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