Why can't I see Notes on the family/camper/staff profile page?

In order to read/edit/create notes, you need to be granted permission to the note categories for your database. If you can't see the Notes tab, it means you weren't given permission to any note categories/the notes therein.

To fix this, you’ll need another admin user from your camp to update the Notes categories settings for your database and grant you permission.

Who can edit my camp's note categories to give me permission?

Any admin user who has Notes "admin" permissions has the ability to edit note categories for your database and control which users may read/edit/create notes for that category.

Notes "admin" permissions are designated in the user's permission settings.

Each module has separate Notes admin permissions relevant to the notes categories for that particular module. For example, admin permission to control the note categories for  family + camper notes is located under the user's Camper module permissions. If a user has this permission, they can control which other users are permitted to access notes within any camper note categories and family note categories.

Again - having note "admin" permission as shown above does NOT give the user the ability to access actual notes. It gives them the ability to manage note categories, which is where they can designate which users can access the notes within each category.

How do we edit note categories?

Note category settings are located on the Admin page, under the corresponding module tab. After selecting the relevant tab, find and select the "Notes" side-tab underneath.

Here, you'll see a list of all the note categories for this particular module. Double click the pencil icon for a category to update which admin users are permitted to see/edit/create notes for that category.

For a detailed description on how to manage Notes and note category settings, please click here.

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