Managing Report Permissions

Each saved report in your database has its own permission settings that control the level of access each admin user has for the report. Report permissions can be managed one report at a time, or in mass.

Important note: You must have "admin" permission for a report to edit the report's permissions. By default, the user who created/saved the report plus any users with the "Reports" user permission have "admin" permission to a report.

All other admin users are granted "read"-only access, unless another user with "admin" permission grants other users "admin" permission was well.

Permission Levels

There are 3 different levels of permission for a saved report:

  • Admin: The user can view, edit, and delete the report, and can also control other users' permissions for the report.
  • Read: The user can view the report, but cannot save changes to or delete the report, nor can they control other users' permissions.
  • No permission assigned: The user cannot view, edit, or delete the report.

Edit Report Permissions for a Single Report

Edit a user's permission for a single report using the Permissions button on the Advanced Reports page.

  1. Load the saved report you wish to edit permissions for
  2. Click the Permissions button
  1. Checkmark the user* you wish to give permission
    To prevent a user from having access to the report, uncheck their name.
  2. Select a permission level on the right
  3. Click Update permissions to save changes

*If a user has the Reports user permission, they cannot have their permissions to individual reports edited, so they will not appear in the permissions modal. To learn more, click here.

Edit Report Permissions in Mass

Edit a user's permissions for multiple reports at once via the Advanced Reports Management page.

Click the Advanced Reports Management link in the top right corner of the Advanced Reports page.

1. Expand the Report Categories

If your report categories are collapsed, you must expand the categories before beginning to edit permissions.  

Click the category name to expand every category containing the reports you wish to manage the permissions for.

2. Click Mass Permissions Changes

Next, click the Mass permissions changes button in the top right.

3. Checkmark Reports

Checkmark which reports you wish to update permissions for, using the "select all/none" link or by individually checkmarking reports.

Note that you may only select the reports for which you currently have "admin" permission.

4. Select to Add or Remove Permissions

To give a user new permissions for the selected reports, click Add permissions.

To revoke a user's permissions to the selected reports, click Remove permissions.

Adding Permissions

  1. Select a user*
  2. Select a permission level
  3. Click Add permissions to save changes

*If a user has the Reports user permission, they cannot have their report permissions edited via "mass permission changes." To learn more, click here.

Removing Permissions

  1. Select a user
  2. Click Remove permissions to save changes

When permissions are removed, the admin user can no longer see or access the saved report when using Advanced Reports.

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