Step 4: Staff qualifications

In Step 4, enter the qualifications that applicants can select on the staff application.  When completing the application, applicants can indicate whether they're able to "lead" or "assist" with each qualification.

Manage your Staff Qualifications via Step 4 of the Staff Setup Wizard.

From Step 4, you may:

Add a New Qualification Category

Qualifications are organized into categories. First, create a category to contain certain qualifications, then add qualifications to the category.

To create a new category of qualifications, click the link to + Add new staff qualification category...

  1. Enter the category name
  2. Click Submit to save

Add New Qualifications

Qualifications are created within an existing category. If you haven't created a category for the qualification yet, do that first.

First, expand the corresponding category by clicking the icon on the far left.

  1. Type the name of the qualification
  2. Click to add the qualification

Important Notes:

  • Qualifications will appear in the order that you create them. They cannot be re-arranged afterwards.
  • You cannot edit a qualification after the fact. If someone has already selected the qualification, also you cannot remove it from the application, so please be careful when creating qualifications.

Edit a Qualification

A qualification cannot be edited after the fact. If you need to change a qualification, delete it and re-create it.  

Qualifications also cannot be rearranged.

Delete a Qualification

Double click the delete icon for a qualification to delete it.

If an applicant already selected the qualification, it cannot be deleted/removed from the current year's application.

Delete a Qualification Category

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