Step 1: Staff positions

In Step 1, enter the staff positions that you're hiring for. Applicants are presented these positions on the "basic info" page of the staff application, and must checkmark which position(s) they want to apply for. 

Depending on your camp's Application: Settings, you can allow staff to apply/get hired for more than one position, if desired.

To manage your staff positions, navigate to Step 1 of the Staff Setup Wizard within the Staff Admin tab.

From Step 1, you may:

Add a New Staff Position

Click the link to + Add new position...

  1. Provide the position Name
  2. Provide a Description for the position
  3. Click Submit to save

Applicants will see the name and description of all staff positions on the first page of your application (listed in alphabetical order).

Edit a Staff Position

The details for a position can be edited at any time, even if an applicant has already selected it on their application.

Double click the current name, description or 'show on staff application?' settings to edit.

Make the necessary changes and click OK to save.

Remove a Staff Position

There are two options for removing a staff position:

  1. Hide the position from the application without completely deleting it. To do that, make the position inactive by double clicking the word "Yes" under "Show on Staff Application?", changing it to "No", and clicking OK to save changes.
    Note: Admins can manually assign staff to a position that's hidden from the application. Also, inactive positions can always be reactivated to re-appear on the application again.
  2. Delete the position to completely remove it from the application and from your database. To do that, double click the red delete button.
    Note: You cannot delete a position if an applicant has already selected it (instead, you can deactivate it). Deleted positions cannot be undeleted. If you need the position on the application again, you'll need to re-create it.
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