Step 6: Staff reference questions

In Step 6, create questions for each applicant's reference to complete via your camp's staff reference form.

What is the staff reference form?

After an applicant submits the References page of the application, their references can be sent an email (manually or automatically) prompting the reference to click a link and complete your camp's online reference form in regards to the applicant. The form will contain the questions you've created in Step 6. Once the reference submits the form, their responses will be stored under the References tab of the applicant's profile for admin users to refer to.

Control whether references are emailed the reference form automatically (or an admin user must manually email the form) via your camp's Reference: Communication settings.

Note: staff reference questions do not appear on the staff application and are not visible to applicants. Staff reference questions only display on the reference form that the reference is asked to complete, and can also be accessed by admins via the References tab of the applicant's profile page.

Manage your Staff Reference Questions via Step 6 of the Staff Setup Wizard.

From Step 6, you may:

Add a new Reference Question

Click the link to + Add new staff reference question...

  1. Enter the question text
  2. Select a response type
  3. Select whether a response is mandatory
  4. Click Submit to create the question

Edit a Reference Question

Reference questions can be edited at any time, even if a reference has already answered the questions on their reference form.

Double click the pencil icon to edit a question.

  1. Edit the question
  2. Edit whether to show the question on the reference form*
  3. Edit whether a response is mandatory
  4. Click Submit to save any changes

Rearrange Reference Questions

Rearrange the question order by clicking the rearrange icon on the far left and dragging  & dropping the question to a different rank on the page.

Remove a Reference Question

There are two options for removing a reference question:

  1. Hide the question from the reference form without completely deleting it. To do that, make the question inactive by double clicking the pencil icon to edit the question, setting Active? to No, and submitting your changes.
    Note: Inactive questions can always be reactivated to re-appear on the reference form again. Admins can also see/manually enter a response for an inactive question, via the References tab of the applicant's profile.
  2. Delete the question to completely remove it from the reference form and from your database. To do that, double click the red delete button on the far right.
    Note: You cannot delete a question once a reference has been entered by an applicant (instead, you can choose not to show it on the reference form). Deleted questions cannot be undeleted. If you need the question on the application again, you'll need to re-create it.
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