Creating an Account for the Parent Dashboard

In order to access your Parent Dashboard (including your enrollment form, camper forms, and more), parents must create an account in your database by completing either your Request for Information or New Family Enrollment form.

How do I customize these forms?

Both forms have their own customization settings, so you can configure each form to ask different questions (or, the forms can be identical, if you prefer).

Manage the questions that appear on each form and/or add custom header text via Step 1 of the Camper Setup Wizard. To learn more, click here.

You can also customize the header images that display at the top of each form via Admin > DB Management > Responsive Theme. To learn more, click here.

What's the difference between these two forms?

Both forms allow parents to create an account, but the forms differ in how parents are redirected after each form is submitted.

Request for Information Form Submission

After submitting the Request for Information form, parents are presented a confirmation message and offered to return to your camp's official website. At this point, the family is waiting to be contacted by your camp before moving forward with enrollment.

In order to enroll, the family must be given their account credentials, log into your Parent Dashboard, and then access your enrollment form.

You can either issue parent dashboard credentials automatically (via email, as soon as the form is submitted), or have an admin user reset the family's password manually (e.g. when your camp establishes the family will move forward with enrolling).

To provide credentials automatically, update your Request for Information form settings via Step 1 of the Setup Wizard to "include Parent Dashboard credentials." Click here to learn more. To provide credentials manually, an admin can reset the family's password via the action menu of the family's profile page. Click here to learn more.

New Family Enrollment Form Submission

After submitting the New Family Enrollment form, parents are immediately logged into their new account and presented your enrollment form. That said, the New Family Enrollment form allows families to create an account and enroll for camp in the same continuous process.

Overall, the New Family Enrollment form is meant for parents who are ready to enroll for camp now, where the Request for Information form is meant for families who need to touch base with your camp before they proceed to enrollment. 

With the Request for Information form not redirecting parents to the enrollment form immediately, there's a "drop off" point that could decrease the chance of the family enrolling, so use this form accordingly.

Can a family fill out both forms?

No. Once the family completes one of the forms, they cannot complete the other, to avoid having duplicate accounts created for the same family.

To prevent a family from completing both forms, CampSite always checks the parent email address entered onto these forms. If CampSite finds that the email address is already listed for a parent in your database, CampSite will not create another account for the family.

Instead, the family will be notified that they already have an account, and will be emailed their login information.

The message displayed if a returning family resubmits the Request for Information form:

The message displayed if a returning family resubmits the New Family Enrollment form:

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