Invoicing and Auto Pay: Step 2 - Send Invoices

When it's time to send invoices for a payment, click the "Send now" link under the "Invoices sent" column.

Note: You cannot send invoices until you generate them first. To learn how to generate invoices, click here.

Send Invoices

In this step, you'll send a mass email to the families who had an invoice generated for them in the previous invoice step. Each family's invoice will  be attached to this email as a PDF file.

Before sending the mass email, you'll confirm which email message is sent and review invoice settings. Admins may also remove certain families from receiving the email and/or preview invoices before they're sent.

1: Checklist

The "Send Invoices" checklist will identify any families who do not have at least one parent with a valid email address designated to receive the family's invoices.

When a family appears on this checklist, they either haven't designated a parent to receive invoices OR the designated parent doesn't have a valid email address on file.

Parents may designate a parent to receive invoices via the Financial page of their Parent Dashboard, or an admin can do it for them via the "Invoices" tab of the family's profile (under Invoice Preferences). Click here to learn more.

If a parent is designated but doesn't have a valid email address on file, the family may add/edit the email addresses on file for each parent via the My Account page of their Parent Dashboard, or an admin can do it for them via the Parents tab of the family's profile.

If you proceed with sending invoices without addressing the families on the checklist, their invoices will be emailed to you instead.

2: E-mail and Invoice Settings

Next, specify which email message to send to each family and customize the invoices.

  1. Select one of your saved family emails to send to each family. If you don't already have a message created for invoicing purposes, you can create one now by clicking "Create a new saved family email..."
  2. Customize the footer text that will appear at the bottom of each invoice. You can designate a different footer for families on auto pay vs. families who are not on auto pay.
  3. Select whether or not to include the payment coupon on auto pay invoices. The payment coupon collects the family's credit card information by hand which they can then mail in to your camp.

Tip: To preview an invoice footer, double click the dollar sign icon next to a family on this page. To view the payment coupon, open an invoice for a family that's not on auto pay.

3: Confirm the Recipients

Next, confirm which families are included in the mass email.

  1. Remove a single family from receiving this email by deselecting the box next to their name. You can also click to select "all/none" as needed.
  2. Double click dollar sign icon to view the invoice.
  3. To view all invoices, click "get preview of all invoices." Enter your email address in the pop-up window and CampSite will email you a .pdf preview of all invoices.

4: Send all invoices

When you're ready to email all of the families selected on this page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Send Invoices button.

Upon clicking this button, the mass email will be sent.

CampSite will then redirect to the Payment Schedules page, where the next step will be to run automatic payments (on the date that payment is actually due).

When the next step is to debit automatic payments, the link will read "Run now" underneath the "Auto pay" column for the corresponding payment date.

Please note: An admin user must manually trigger this step - CampSite will NOT run this step automatically.

To learn more about how to complete the "Auto pay" step, click here.

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