Invoicing and Auto Pay: Step 1 - Generate Invoices

When it's time to generate invoices for a payment, click the "Run now" link under the "Invoices generated" column. 

Tip: If you want to generate and send invoices in advance of the payment due date, remember to complete this step several days before the payment is due.

Generate Invoices

In this step, you'll generate an itemized invoice for each family (as a PDF document). The invoice will list all transactions associated with the overall payment schedule and then the current amount that must be paid at this time.

1: Checklist

The "Generate Invoices" checklist will identify any families who currently have balances of $0 or less for the year, and may need to be removed from the batch before you generate all invoices.

This usually happens if a family pays their balance early and an admin forgot to remove the payment schedule from their account, or an admin made an error when posting transactions to the family's account.

To prevent that family from receiving the present invoice, double click the delete button next to their name.

To confirm that the family shouldn't receive an invoice, we recommend reviewing the "Transactions" tab of their profile page to confirm whether they should remain in the invoice batch.

If a family shouldn't receive any invoices for this payment schedule, remove them from the payment schedule by navigating to the "Invoices" tab of their profile page, clicking the wrench icon, and changing the payment schedule to "None" (as pictured above). For more information on managing a family's payment schedule, click here.

2: Invoice Settings

Optionally, admin users have the ability to set all invoices to the same amount, or add an installment fee on every family's invoice.

Set all invoice amounts

By default, CampSite automatically calculates the amount of an invoice by dividing the family's total balance by the number of payment dates. For example, a balance of $500 on a schedule with 5 payments would amount to $100 per invoice.

To override the automated calculation and manually set all invoices to a specific amount, click "Set all invoice amounts..." and specify the following details in the pop-up window that opens:

  1. Select whether all invoices should be set to a fixed (flat) amount, or a percentage of their entire payment schedule balance.
  2. Designate the invoice amount.
  3. Click to set all invoices to the specified amount.

Add installment fee

Installment amounts will be created as a new charge transaction on the family's account and added to the present invoice when generated.

To add an installment fee, change "Add installment fee?" to Yes and provide the following details for the charge:

  1. Select the accrual session for the charge, i.e. which session the installment fee charge should accrue to on your camp's financial reports. Click here to learn more.
    * To have CampSite automatically accrue the charge to all session(s) that the family's campers are enrolled for in this payment schedule group, select "Automatic."
  2. Select the transaction category to associate the charge with.
  3. Enter a description to assign to the charge.
  4. Specify the fixed amount for the charge.

3: Preview All Invoices/Remove All Zero Dollar Invoices

If needed, download a preview of all invoices before they're generated, and/or remove all zero dollar invoices from this batch.

Preview all invoices

After clicking "Get preview of all invoices," a pop-up window will open.

Enter an e-mail address and CampSite will send a .pdf preview of all invoices to that address.

Remove all zero dollar invoices

If an invoice was paid in advance, the amount due will show as $0.00. To prevent CampSite from generating (and eventually sending) $0.00 invoices, click the link to remove all zero dollar invoices from this batch.

You'll be asked to confirm and then the page will refresh, with all $0.00 invoices removed.

Note: If you do not click to remove all $0.00 invoices, CampSite will still generate them in this batch, and they'll be sent to the corresponding families in the next step of the invoice process.

4: Managing Individual Invoices

If needed, admins can review and/or edit individual invoices within the batch.

For each invoice, admins can:

  1. Double click to preview an invoice.
  2. Click to access the family's profile.
  3. View the enrolled campers within the family.
  4. Edit the invoice amount, if desired.
    * When an invoice amount is edited, future invoices will account for this change so that the entire balance is still collected.
  5. View the percentage of the family's balance that this invoice equals.
  6. View any past-due amounts.
    * Any past-due amounts will be added to the amount due on the current invoice being generated.
  7. View the family's total payment schedule balance.
  8. View whether they're on auto pay for this invoice.
  9. Double click to remove the family from the invoice batch.
    * When a family is removed from the batch, CampSite will not generate an invoice for them for this particular payment date.

5: Generate Invoices

When you're ready to generate all invoices for this payment date, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Generate Invoices button.

All invoices will be generated, and CampSite will redirect to the Payment Schedules page, where you'll be prompted to now send the invoices.

  1. When an invoice step has been completed, instead of saying "No," the step will now read the date on which the step was completed.
  2. After generating a batch of invoices, admins may access those invoices by double clicking the statement icon pictured above.
  3. Next, you'll send all of the invoices that were generated to each family.

To learn more about the "Send invoices" step, click here.

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