Reversing and Deleting Transactions

When a transaction is no longer applicable and you wish to remove it from the family's account, you may either "reverse" or "delete" it. 

Both "reversing" and "deleting" will remove the transaction from calculating towards the family's balance, and also update your financial reports.

NOTE: Reversing or deleting payments and refunds does NOT stop them from being processed by your payment gateway.
  • If you need to stop a credit card or checking account payment, it must be voided before it’s processed by your gateway. 
  • Camps using Constellation Payments can void transactions using the "Void" feature within the transaction details for the payment/refund. Click here to learn more. All other camps must contact their payment gateway provider directly to void the transaction.
  • If you need to refund a payment, click here to learn how.

How to Reverse or Delete a Transaction

The following steps are the same whether you're reversing OR deleting transactions (and for all transaction types).

First, double click the blue info icon to open the details for the transaction you wish to reverse or delete. A pop-up window will open.

The options to reverse or delete are located at the bottom of the pop-up window. Click the corresponding button for the action you wish to take. If you cannot see the reverse or delete buttons, your user account was not granted permission to reverse or delete transactions.

What's the difference between reversing and deleting?

  • When a transaction is reversed, the original transaction details are maintained for admin users to reference later. Reversed transactions can also be unreversed, to return the transaction to the family's account if needed.
  • When a transaction is deleted, most of the original transaction details are permanently deleted. Also, deleted transactions cannot be undeleted.
  • Reversed transactions will display as 2 transactions in financial report results - the original transaction plus a reversal. Click here to learn more.
  • Deleted transactions will not display in financial report results.

After clicking to either reverse or delete, a pop-up window will open:

Confirm that you'd like to reverse or delete the transaction by clicking "OK" at the top of the page.

In that same dialog box, type the reason why the transaction is being reversed or deleted. Admin users can refer to this later.

Click OK to complete the reversal/deletion.

Reversed Transactions

A reversed transaction will display with a strikethrough on the family's profile page, and the amount will change to $0.00. As such, the family's balance will adjust accordingly.

Though admins can still see record of the original transaction on the family's profile page, parents cannot see reversed transactions (either on their Parent Dashboard or on their CampSite financial statement).

View details/Unreverse

Double click the blue info icon to open the details for the charge or discount. A pop-up window will open.

  1. View the original details for the transaction.
  2. View the reversal details.
  3. Click to unreverse the transaction. Confirm by clicking "OK" in the dialog box at the top of the screen.

Note that you can also delete the reversed transaction, if desired.

Unreversed Transactions

After unreversing a transaction, the transaction will return to the family's profile (with the original amount and the original date it was created). The family's current balance will also update to reflect the transaction.

Deleted Transactions

Deleted transactions will disappear from the family's profile page completely. The family's current balance will also update to reflect that transaction was removed.

Unlike reversed transactions, deleted transactions cannot be undeleted.

Admins can refer to the Deleted Transactions report for a list of all deleted transactions. The History tab of the family's profile will also display details about the deletion:

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