Invoicing and Auto Pay: Step 3 - Auto Pay

When it's time to debit the automatic payments for an invoice, click the "Run now" link under the "Auto Pay" column.

Please note: CampSite will NOT complete this step automatically. This step must be completed manually by an admin user, following the process outlined below. 

You cannot run auto pay until after you generate and send the corresponding invoices first. To learn how to generate invoices, click here. To learn how to send invoices, click here

Run Auto Pay

In this step, you'll debit all of the families who are set up for "auto pay" for the present invoice.

Before debiting the payments, you'll have the option to remove families from being debited and/or update the amount to debit from each family.

1: Checklist

The "Run Auto Pay" checklist will identify any families who are not prepared to have automatic payments debited or who have a $0 balance for the year.

All 'Credit Card' families have a primary credit card / All 'Checking Account' families have a primary checking account

Since families can have multiple payment methods on file, each family on auto pay must indicate which saved payment method should be debited for automatic payments by designating a card/checking account as "primary" (even if the family has only one credit card or checking account on file).

If a family doesn't have their primary payment method designated, admins can manually set a card or account as primary via the Credit Cards or Checking Accounts tab of the family's profile page (double click the checkmark icon for the card/account). Or, the family can designate their primary payment method via the Financial page of the Parent Dashboard.

All Credit Cards Have Un-expired Expiration Dates

For all families paying by credit card, their primary card must be un-expired.

If a family's primary card is expired, admins can manage the family's primary card via the Credit Cards tab of the family's profile page. Or, the family can manage their credit card via the Financial page of the Parent Dashboard.

All Families Have a Balance for 2021

Lastly, CampSite will also check to make sure that the families below still have a balance for the year.

If a family is identified as having a $0 balance, we recommend reviewing the "Transactions" tab of their profile page to confirm whether they should remain in the auto pay batch and debited payment.

If the family should not be debited, double click the delete button on the far right to remove them from the auto pay batch.

2: Manage Families/Auto Pay Amounts

If needed, admins can review and/or edit which families are set to be debited and for how much.

For each family, admins can:

  1. Click to access the family's profile.
  2. View the payment method to be debited.
  3. View the invoiced amount.
  4. View the past-due amount (i.e. unpaid amounts from previous invoices).
    All past-due amounts will be debited along with the present invoice amount.
  5. View the amount to be charged during auto pay
    I.e. the present invoice amount + past-due invoice amounts.
  6. View the family's overall payment schedule balance.
  7. Double click to remove the family from the auto pay batch.
    When a family is removed, CampSite will not debit their invoice payment.

3: Run Auto Pay

When you're ready to debit all of the payments listed on this page, scroll down to the bottom and click the Run Auto Pay button.

All payments will be processed. Next, CampSite will redirect to "Auto pay results" page.

Auto Pay Results

The Auto Pay Results page summarizes the status of each payment that was debited within the auto pay batch.

To learn more about the Auto Pay Results page, click here.

Next Payment

Once the "Auto Pay" step has been completed for a particular payment, the next step will be to generate invoices for the next invoice (at the appropriate time).

The invoice link will move to the 'invoices generated' step accordingly.

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