Text Messaging Setup

The text messaging module allows admin users to send text messages to parents or staff applicants. To add the text messaging module to your CampSite database, please contact CampSite Support via or 516-900-5532.


It costs one credit to send a single text message (i.e. 160 characters or less, to a single recipient). Credits can be purchased in the following packages:

  • 3,000 credits for $150
  • 10,000 credits for $300
  • 25,000 credits for $600

Credits never expire and also rollover year to year. Also, replies you receive from parents/staff do not cost any credits; credits are only required for sending texts.

To purchase additional credits at any time, go to Admin > DB Management > Text Messaging > Add additional credits...

Note: Only admin users with "DB Management" Admin permissions will have access to the text messaging tab for purchasing credits.

Phone Number

A randomly generated phone number will be assigned to your account, and all text messages you send from CampSite will be sent from this number.  Parents may save this phone number to their contacts to identify your incoming messages and/or send you text messages as needed.

If desired, you can arrange for the CampSite Support team to customize the area code applied to the phone number on your account during the setup process.

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