Adding Text Messaging to your Subscription

How does texting work?

CampSite's text messaging module allows admin users to send text messages to parents (and staff applicants, if you've purchased our Staff module). Note that you cannot text campers - only their parents. Due to consumer privacy laws, before you can send texts to a parent or staff, they must first provide consent for you to text them by "opting in" to text messages from your camp. Learn more about that process here

Once parents/staff have opted in, you may send them texts individually or send texts in mass (similar to CampSite's emailing functionality). Learn more about sending texts here

The parents and staff that you text may also send you replies, which you can access from within CampSite (either on the family/staff's profile page or from CampSite's Text Messaging Dashboard).

How much does it cost?

There is no monthly fee for having the Text Messaging module on your CampSite subscription, but you must purchase credits in order to send outgoing text messages.


It costs one credit to send a single text message (i.e. a message of 160 characters or less, to a single recipient). Credits can be purchased in the following packages:

  • 3,000 credits for $150
  • 10,000 credits for $300
  • 25,000 credits for $600

When you initially add the text messaging module to your subscription, we'll add the text credit package of your choice to start with (and bill the associated fee to your payment method on file with our CampSite's Billing department). 

When you need to purchase additional credits, you may do so at any time via the DB Management tab of the Admin settings for your database. To learn how, click here.

  • Tip: When choosing how many credits to purchase, note that credits never expire, and unused credits will rollover year to year. Also, credits are not used on any text replies that you receive - only on texts that you send.

Phone Number

A randomly generated phone number will be assigned to your account, and all text messages you send from CampSite will be sent from this number. If parents wish to text you back, they can text your assigned number and the message will be displayed within CampSite. That said, parents may save your assigned phone number to their contacts to identify your incoming messages and/or send you replies as needed.

Though the last 7 digits of your assigned phone number will be randomly generated, you can arrange for the CampSite Support team to customize your area code, which will be discussed during the texting setup process.

Ready to add Texting? Contact CampSite Support!

If you're ready to add the texting module to your database, contact CampSite support via

First, we'll have you e-sign an agreement authorizing us to update your current CampSite contract to include the texting module, and also authorizing payment for your initial credit package.

Once the agreement is signed, the Text Messaging module will be added to your database, and you can request parents to opt-in to receiving text messages from your camp. Click here to learn more about the text messaging opt-in proces.

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