Sending Text Messages

Note: Text messages can only be sent to recipients who have a US or Canadian phone number.

Individual vs. Mass Texts

Text messages can either be sent individually via the recipient's profile page, or in mass via an advanced report.

Profile Page

Initiate a text to an individual family or staff person via their profile page.

On their profile page, click the Action Menu and select to send a text message.

  1. Load a previously saved text message.
  2. Write the text message. Click + Add merge fields... to merge data from the recipient's profile page into the body of your message.
  3. Save this message to send again later. Save a copy of this message to send again later.
  4. Calculate how many credits this message will use (in regards to the number of character in the message and how many opted-in recipients are selected). Preview the message.
  5. Select which parents to send the text message to.
  6. View the recipients and note which parents in the family have opted in. Parents who have not opted in will not receive your text message (and no credit[s] will be used on parents not opted in).
  7. Send the text message.

Mass Texts

To initiate a mass text, first create an advanced report that contains all of your desired recipients.

Please note that users must be granted permission via their User Permissions in order to be able to send mass texts.

To grant this permission, access their "Campers" and/or "Staff" User Permissions; go to the Advanced Reports section and select "Send text message from Advanced reports"; then click Save changes for this user.

Text Messaging Dashboard

"Quick replies" to incoming messages can also be sent via the parent or staff Text Messaging Dashboard.

Quick Reply

After double clicking the conversation bubble for a particular conversation, a pop-up window will display all previous messages and also provide the option to send another message.

To learn more about using the Text Messaging Dashboard, click here to read our support article.

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