Using the Text Messaging Dashboard

The Text Messaging Dashboard provides a central location for accessing all of your text message conversations.

To access the Text Messaging Dashboard, hover over the Campers button in the navigation bar and select Text Messaging from the menu that drops down.

On the Text Messaging Dashboard, you'll see a list of each family that you've ever had a text messaging conversation with.

Incoming messages from a parent will be highlighted in green, until you reply or mark the message as read.

For each row (parent), you can:

  1. Double click the conversation bubble to reply/view the entire conversation.
  2. View the timestamp of the last message exchanged with this parent.
  3. View the name of the family + specific parent with whom the messages have been exchanged.
  4. View the last message exchanged (whether sent to or from the parent).
  5. Double click to mark the conversation as read.

Note that whenever a parent or staff person sends a text to your camp, the last admin user who texted that parent or staff person will receive an email notification of the parent's message.

Quick Reply

After double clicking the conversation bubble for a particular conversation, a pop-up window will display all previous messages and also provide the option to send another message.

  1. Refresh the conversation to load any new messages that may have been sent/received since this window was opened.
  2. Type a reply to send to the parent.
  3. Send the reply.
  4. Review the previous messages exchanged between you and the parent.
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