How do I add a new session to the enrollment form?

Parents are presented "enrollment options" to select on your enrollment form. To offer new enrollment options for campers to register for, use the various steps of the enrollment form Setup Wizard (within the Admin page).


Enrollment options are built on Step 9 of the setup wizard. However, before you can build a new option, you first need to create all of the different elements needed for the enrollment option (e.g. sessions, tuition plans) on Steps 2 through 8.

After you've created the different items you need on Steps 2 through 8, you can then proceed to Step 9 and create new enrollment options. When creating the option on Step 9, you'll be asked to select from the items you already created on Steps 2 through 8.

  • Note: Sessions and Tuition Plans are required for every enrollment option, so you must complete Steps 2 and 5 at minimum. The other steps only need to be completed if you need those elements for your new enrollment option.  
  • We recommend starting on Step 2 of the Setup Wizard and progressing through the wizard in chronological order, until you reach Step 9.

For detailed instructions on how to complete each step of the Setup Wizard, please click here to read our Setup Wizard articles.

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