How do I add a new session to the enrollment form?

Parents are presented "enrollment options" to select on your enrollment form. To create a new enrollment option, use the various steps of the Camper Setup Wizard (within the Admin page).

Enrollment options are created on Step 9, but first, you must use Steps 2-8 to create different elements for the new enrollment option. Finally, you'll use Step 9 to create the new enrollment option by bundling together different elements from Steps 2-8.

Of Steps 2-8, the only required steps are Step 2: Sessions (where you'll create the new session(s) you plan to offer) and Step 5: Tuition Plans (where you'll create tuition plan(s) for the cost of these new session(s)).

Steps 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are only necessary if they're relevant to your new enrollment option; please review each step to make sure.

Finally, navigate to Step 9 to create the new option. Adding a new option is a 2-step process: first, add a new enrollment option; then, add at least one bundle within the option. For detailed instructions on creating enrollment options, read our Step 9 support article.

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