Charges and Discounts

A charge represents the price asked for a service or good (e.g. the tuition plan cost for a session; the price of an enrollment extra; etc.) A discount represents a reduction of the usual price asked for a service or good.

Charges are automatically applied to a family's account once the camper enrolls, per the tuition plan the camper enrolled for (plus as any enrollment extras they purchased). Discounts can also be applied when a camper enrolls via enrollment discounts or coupon codes.

Admin users may also add a charge or discount to the family's account balance manually, outside of the enrollment process, via the family's profile page.

Every charge and discount is assigned to a particular camper and also at least 1 session (relative to that camper's enrollment). This allows for financial reporting on the charges and discounts assigned to each session (e.g. to generate the expected revenue per-session).

CampSite calculates a family's balance for an enrollment year by totaling together all of their campers' charges for the year, then deducting all discounts (if applicable). Families then make payments towards their balance.

In this article, learn how to:

Note that an admin user's ability to create, reverse, or delete transactions is determined by their user account permission settings. For more details, click here.

Add a New Charge or Discount

To manually add a new charge or discount on a family's account, open the "Financial" tab of the family's profile page.

From the Transactions tab, click the "New charge" or "New discount" button.

The following steps are the same, whether you're creating a charge or discount:

Provide the transaction details for the charge or discount.

  1. Select the date when the charge or discount occurred.
  2. Select one of the family's payment schedules. The charge or discount will then be added to their invoice(s) on that schedule.
  3. Choose which camper the charge or discount is for.
  4. Select which session the charge or discount relates to, for accrual accounting purposes. Additional sessions can be selected afterwards.
  5. Select which transaction category to assign the charge to (for reporting purposes).
  6. Enter a description for the charge or discount (this is optional). Note that both admins and parents can see the description. 
  7. Enter a fixed amount for the charge or discount.
  8. Or, click "use a percentage..." to create a percentage-based charge instead of a fixed amount.

Charge or Discount by Percentage

After clicking "Use percentage...", you'll be asked to select which of the camper's existing transactions to use when calculating the new charge or discount, and the percentage amount.

  1. Checkmark which of the camper's existing transactions to calculate the new percentage-based charge or discount from.
  2. Type the percentage amount.
  3. CampSite will  calculate the new charge or discount amount for you.
  4. Click to revert to a flat (fixed) amount instead.

Once you submit the charge or discount, the new transaction will be listed for the camper. The family's current balance will also update to reflect the new transaction.

Edit a Charge or Discount

Learn how to edit an existing charge or discount transaction via our Editing a Transaction article.

Reverse or Delete a Charge or Discount

Reversing or deleting a charge or discount will remove that particular transaction from calculating towards the family's balance in CampSite, for example when a camper cancels a purchase (or in the case that an admin user applied a transaction incorrectly).

To learn how to reverse or delete a transaction, please click here.

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