• A credit will reduce the family's balance (like a payment does), but funds are not transacted when a credit is created in CampSite (i.e. the family's credit card/checking account is not debited when adding a credit to their account). 
  • Typically, admins create credits to apply payment from one enrollment year to another (e.g. when a camper unenrolls and the family asks you to apply their payments to the next year). Credits could also be used to reflect third party payment (e.g. if a scholarship or government agency is sponsoring a camper, and paid your organization directly).
  • Note that credits/credit balances do not display on the checkout page of the enrollment form, so families cannot "use" the credit to pay for whatever payment you may require at the time of enrollment (e.g. a minimum deposit or payment in full).

Every credit is assigned to at least one transaction category, allowing for financial reporting on credits per category. However, credits are not assigned to specific sessions or campers. That said, you cannot report on credits per session or identify credits for specific campers within a family of multiple campers.

In this article, learn how to:

Note that an admin user's ability to create, reverse, or delete transactions is determined by their user account permission settings. For more details, click here.

Add a Credit

  1. Choose the correct enrollment year that should be credited.
  2. Click the New credit button.
  1. Apply a date for the credit.
  2. Select one of the family's payment schedules to assign the credit towards. * The invoices for the selected payment schedule will then reflect the credit (to reduce the amount that must be paid).
  3. Select a transaction category to assign the credit towards.
  4. Optional: Apply a description to the credit transaction. Descriptions will show to parents on their statement, and can also be useful to admins when running financial reports.
  5. Specify the amount of the credit.
  6. Click Submit to create the credit.

* If you apply a credit to the family's account before they've enrolled for camp, the family will not be on a payment schedule for you to apply the credit towards. If they later sign up for a payment schedule, an admin will then have to edit the credit transaction to associate the credit to the family's payment schedule, in order for the family's invoices to reflect the credit. If the credit is not updated as such, the family will end up being invoiced to pay more than they should. Click here to learn how to edit a credit transaction.

Adjusting Previous Balances

If you're adding a credit to the family's account in order to move a payment to a different enrollment year, the original payment transaction must also be removed from the year it was originally made towards.

To do that, we suggest reversing (not refunding!) the original payment.

  1. Load the enrollment year towards which the original payment was applied.
  2. Double click to open the transaction details for the original payment.

Click the reverse button, confirm the reversal, and provide the reason for reversal.

Remember that reversing a payment does not refund the payment. Click here to learn more.

Reverse or Delete a Credit

Reversing or deleting a payment allows you to remove the credit from calculating towards the family's account balance.

To learn how to reverse or delete a transaction, please click here.

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