Advanced Reports Management

Access the Advanced Reports Management page via the corresponding link in the top corner of the Advanced Reports page.

Here, admins can manage  report permissions in mass; manage report categories; and delete reports.

  1. Add a new category for organizing reports.
  2. For each report, double click the pencil icon to edit the name or change the report category it belongs to. Double click the lock to edit permissions for certain users. View the report name, your permission level to the report, and any forms or enrollment options that are using the report as a restriction.
  3. Add or remove another user's permissions to multiple reports at once.
  4. Delete reports for certain categories.

Mass Permission Changes

Mass permission changes allow you to add or remove another user's permissions to multiple reports at once. Only users with "Admin" access to a report have the ability to add or remove permissions  other users' permissions to that report.

1. Select the reports below that you wish to apply permissions changes to. Select all reports in one category or select each report individually.
2. Click 'Add permissions...' or 'Remove permissions...' tool to apply the changes.

  • Adding permissions to a report allows you to give other users read or admin-level access to those reports.
  • Removing permissions to a report revokes that user's access to the report.

Add Permissions

1. Select which admin user to add permissions for.
2. Select whether to grant 'read' or 'admin'-level permissions for the reports you've selected.

  • 'Read' permission allows users to only access and use the report. They cannot edit any report settings or delete the report.
  • 'Admin' permission allows users to access the report, edit the report settings, grant/revoke other users' permissions to the report, and delete the report if needed.

Remove Permissions

  1. Select which user to remove permissions from the reports you've selected. This user will no longer be able to see/access these reports within the database.
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