Managing Transportation for an Individual Camper/Staff

Transportation tab

Overview tab


Use the calendar to view/manage their transportation on specific days.

  • When a date is colored green, they're assigned transportation for that day.
  • When a date is colored gray, they're not assigned transportation for that day.

Click a date on the calendar to view their transportation details for that particular day. Also, add an exception to their default transportation method(s) that day.

Manage Transportation Exceptions

Edit a camper's default transportation method for a particular day by adding an exception.

  1. Click on the relevant date
  2. Click +Add exception... on the right
  1. Choose which direction the exception applies to
  2. Choose the new transportation method
  3. Make a note about the exception. Notes will be visible on the camper's profile and also on the "Transportation Exceptions" report.
  1. Transportation exceptions will be highlighted yellow on the transportation calendar
  2. View the transportation exception details
  3. Remove the exception and the camper's default transportation method will repopulate

Session Group Tab

Access the camper's transportation data for a specific transportation session group by selecting the session group tab.

View/edit the camper's overall transportation method for this group of sessions and manage their transportation charges and discounts.

Transportation Methods

View/manage the camper's transportation method for arriving to camp and departing from camp.

To edit any of these fields, double click on the current value.

Transportation Transactions

View the transportation transactions the camper incurred for their transportation selection(s).

Manually add a transportation transaction by clicking the + Add transportation transaction... link.

Add a transportation transaction

The transportation form will automatically add transportation transactions to a camper's account if they meet the criteria that you specified, but you can also manually add a transaction by clicking the "add" link here.

Choose whether to add a charge or discount and select one of the transactions that were created for the Session Group. Note that adding a transaction to the camper's account WILL automatically add the corresponding charge (fee) or discount to the family's financials.

Note that payment for a charge does NOT happen automatically. To process payment, add a payment to the family's profile manually or instruct the family to log into their dashboard and make the payment themselves.

To learn more about creating transportation transactions, click here.

Delete a transportation transaction

Double click the delete icon to remove a transportation transaction.

Note that deleting a transaction from the camper's account will NOT remove the associated fee/discount from the family's financials - you must manually reverse the transaction from the Financial tab of the family's profile page. 

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