Advanced Reports Management

From the Advanced Reports Management page, admins can manage all saved reports (including user permissions), and also manage the report categories under which reports can be saved.

Access the Advanced Reports Management page by clicking the link in the top right corner of the Advanced Reports page.

Advanced Reports Management

View all of your report categories, organized alphanumerically by category name. If you have 8 or more report categories, they'll be collapsed automatically (to help load this page faster, for camps who have a large volume of saved reports).

  1. View the category name. If collapsed, click to expand and view the reports therein.
  2. View the total number of reports within the category.

Managing Categories

Add a New Category

To create a new category for saving reports under, click the Add new report category link.

  1. Enter the category name
  2. Click Add category to save changes

Edit a Category Name

Double click the pencil icon next to the category name to edit it.

  1. Edit the category name
  2. Click Update category to save changes

Delete a Category

If a category contains no advanced reports, you can delete it by double clicking the red delete button.

If you wish to delete a category that contains reports, you must remove all of the reports first. To do that, expand the category and either move all of the reports to a different category or delete the reports. Once all reports are removed from the category, it can be deleted.

Manage Reports

If the category is collapsed, click the category name to expand it and view the reports therein. For each report within a category:

  1. Edit the report name/category
  2. Edit user permissions for the report
  3. View your permission level to the report
  4. View the restrictions that use this report
  5. Delete the report

Edit the Report Name or Category

Note: Only admin users who have "admin" permission for a specific report will be able to edit it. To learn more about report permissions, click here.

Double click the pencil icon for the report.

  1. Edit the report name
  2. Edit which category the report is saved under
  3. Click Update report to save changes

Edit User Permissions for the Report

If you have "admin" permission for a report, you can control other user's permissions to the report as well. To learn more about permission levels, click here.

To learn how to edit a user's permission for multiple reports at once, click here.

Double click the lock icon next to an individual report to manage which users have permission to the report.

  1. Un-checkmark a user to revoke their permission
  2. Checkmark a user to grant them permission
  3. For checkmarked users, select a permission level for the user right
  4. Click Update permissions to save changes

Mass Permission Changes

Use the "Mass permission changes" tool to edit a user's permission to multiple reports at once.

Note that you may only select the reports for which you currently have "admin" permission. To learn more about permission levels, click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to make mass permission changes, please see our "Managing Report Permissions" article.

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