Advanced Reports Management

From the Advanced Reports Management page, admins can create/manage report categories; edit user permissions to reports; and archive/delete reports as needed.

Access the Advanced Reports Management page by clicking the link in the top right corner of the Advanced Reports page.

View all saved reports organized by category. Categories are listed alphanumerically by category name, and the number of reports within each category is listed in parentheses.

If you have a large number of report categories, they'll be collapsed automatically (to help load this page faster).  When a category is collapsed, click the name once to expand it and view all reports therein; click once more to collapse it again.

Managing Categories

Add a New Category

To create a new category for saving reports under, click Add new report category.

Enter the category name and click Add category to save changes.

To edit the category name, double click the pencil icon.

Delete a Category

If a category contains no advanced reports, you can delete it by double clicking the red delete button.

To delete a category that contains reports, you must remove all of the reports from the category first. To do that, expand the category and either move all of the reports to a different category or delete the reports. Once all reports are removed from the category, it can be deleted.

Managing Individual Reports

If the category is collapsed, click the category name to expand it and view the reports therein.

For each report within a category, you can:

Edit a Report

Double click the pencil icon to edit the report name; change which category it's assigned to; or archive it.

Note that users can only edit/archive a report if they have "admin" permission to it.

Edit Permissions for the Report

Double click the lock icon to select which users have permission to the report, and if so, select their permission level. To learn more about permission levels, click here.  Note that you can only edit the report permissions if you yourself have "admin" permission to the report.

To learn how to edit a user's permission for multiple reports at once, click here.

View the Report Details

View the report name, your permission level to the report, and whether the report is being used as a restriction (e.g. for who can view a form or an enrollment option).

Delete a Report

Double click the delete button to permanently delete a report. Note that a report cannot be deleted if it's being used as a restriction.

Also, you cannot delete a report unless you have "admin" permission to the report currently.

Archiving Reports

Archive an individual report or an entire category of reports to hide them from the "Saved Reports" dropdown menu (on the Advanced Reports page, and also when configuring restrictions for a form or enrollment option).  

This feature is useful if you have reports you're not actively using but don't wish to delete them (as you may need to use the report again in the future).

Archive an Individual Report

Double click the pencil icon to edit the report. Note that you must have "admin" permission to archive an individual report.

Click to archive the report. The report will then be archived within the assigned category.

Or, you can select to assign the report to a different category that's currently archived. This will both move the report into that category and archive the report as well.

View Archived Reports within a Category

Click "Show archived reports..." to expand the list of all archived reports within the selected category.

Unarchive a Report

To unarchive an archived report, double click the pencil icon and then click the unarchive button in the pop-up window that opens.

Once unarchived, the report will appear within the Saved Reports dropdown menu again (on the Advanced Reports page, and also when configuring restrictions for a form or enrollment option).  

Archive a Category

When you archive a report category, all reports within the category are archived as well.

Also, the category itself will no longer appear as an option to select when saving new reports in the future.

Double click the pencil icon next to the category name.

Click to archive the category. Note that there are no special permissions required to be able to archive an entire report category.

View Archived Categories

Click "Load archived categories" to view all categories that have been archived.

Unarchive a Category

Double click the pencil icon next to the category icon.

Click to unarchive the category.

Note that the individual reports within the category will return to the original unarchived/archived state they were in before the category was archived.

Mass Permission Changes

Use the "Mass permission changes" tool to edit a user's permission to multiple reports at once.

Note that you may only edit the user's permission to reports for which you currently have "admin" permission. To learn more about permission levels, click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to make mass permission changes, please see our "Managing Report Permissions" article.

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