Send a Mass E-mail

E-mails can be sent in mass by generating all of your intended recipients onto an advanced report and then emailing everyone in your report results.

First, access the Advanced Reports page by hovering your mouse over the relevant module in the navigation bar and then selecting "Advanced Reports" from the menu that drops down.

Next, create your report so that the results include the exact list of recipients you wish to e-mail.

For more information on how to create an Advanced Report, read our Advanced Reports: Campers or Advanced Reports: Staff articles.

Once your report results capture all of your desired recipients, click the E-mail button in the report toolbar. Note that e-mails can be sent to a maximum of 2,000 recipients.

When sending a mass e-mail within the Campers module, you're required to specify whether you want to send a family-level e-mail or camper-level e-mail before you go on to compose/send your message.

  • E-mailing families will send one e-mail per family regardless of how many campers the family has.
  • E-mailing campers will send one e-mail per camper (e.g. a family with 3 campers will receive the e-mail 3 times). This method is useful if you wish to merge camper-specific data into the body of your e-mail message.

Next, you'll be re-directed to a new window for composing/sending your e-mail message.

Note that with mass emails sent to 10+ people, if you send a saved email (whether it was previously saved, or you write and save it now before sending), you can view the delivery statistics for all of your recipients from the Email statistics page after sending.

To save your current message, click the Save e-mail button below the message contents as pictured above.

For more information on how to compose and send an e-mail, read our Composing an E-mail article.

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