Package Summary Report

The Package Summary Report provides summary of all package balances.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, navigate to the "Conference and Retreat reports" section and then select the "Package summary report" within.


  1. Select which year to report on.
  2. Select whether to report on pending and/or sold packages.
  3. Select whether to report on positive and/or negative package balances.
  4. Filter by a date range of transactions by entering a start and end date.

Report Results

The results will provide the following columns of information:

  1. The total number of results that were generated (per any filters applied)
  2. The group's ID number
  3. The group's name
  4. The package name
  5. The package status (pending or signed)
  6. The total amount of charges, discounts, payments, credits, and refunds for each package
  7. The current package balance
  8. The last payment that was made towards the package. If no payment has been made, the report will say "no payments"
  9. The grand total of charges, discounts, payments, credits, refunds, and balances for all packages in the report.

Report Actions

Double click to:

  1. Print the report
  2. Export the report results as a CSV file
  3. Send an email to all group leaders for the groups in the results
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