Housing Boards

Click "Housing Boards" under the Events tab.

  1. Select the year.
  2. Select the event.

Here you have all of the groups/guests that registered for the selected event.  You can add a building if your event requires the registrants to be place in different areas.

Back under the Admin>Events>Housing Management tabs you can set the parameters for your buildings and/or rooms.

  1. Add a building.
  2. Add a room.
  3. Double click to add or change #of rooms.
  4. Double click to add or change capacity.
  5. Double click the "Red Dot" to delete option.
  1. Click "Add building..."
  2. Select which buildings you would like to include.
  3. Click "Add buildings".

Drag and drop the registrants into a building/room.  Once the Housing board is complete you may print a list of each room or export them as a spreadsheet.  

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