Approving Group/Guest Registration Requests

When using manual processing mode, new registration requests submitted through the Events Dashboard will appear in the "New" registration requests tab until you ready to confirm the group/guest's registration.

To register a group/guest from their registration request, click "Register".

  1. Registration information selected on the group/guest registration form. You may add additional registration options, remove the selected options, or change the registration bundle and sessions.
  2. Click "Next step: Attendees".
  1. Here you will find all of the information about the group members.  If you are registering a guest it will just be their information.  
  2. Click "Next step: Questions + extras".
  1. These are all of the questions that a group/guest answered in their registration form.  If there happen to be extras associated with this event they will be presented here as well.
  2. Click "Next step: Checkout"
  1. If you need to change or amend something you can go back by clicking here.
  2. The amount for the event.
  3. The group/guest registration discounts if you have them will be present here.  You may also manually add or take away a registrants discount.
  4. The payment information that a group or guest added.
  5. Signature and date the form was summited.
  6. Choose to send a saved email to the group leader or an individual guest.
  7. Once finished click the "Submit registration" button.      
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