Family and Camper Forms

Family and camper forms serve to collect information per family or camper via the the Parent Dashboard, though forms can also be used to present information (like an informational handout or camp calendar).

Camper forms must be completed once per camper, while family Forms are completed once per family.

Access Family or Camper Forms using the respective link in the Camper menu located on the navigation bar.

Form Scopes

  • Permanent forms only need to be filled out one time; the responses are then kept permanently. Parents can edit the responses (if you permit them to), but they won't ever be prompted to complete the form again. 
  • Yearly forms must be completed once a year.
  • Session forms are linked to specific camp sessions. A camper will only be prompted to complete a session form if the camper selects an enrollment option containing that particular session. This scope applies to Camper Forms only.

Forms can be moved or copied between "scopes" (permanent, yearly, session). This includes the option to retain existing submissions upon moving/copying the form.

Admins may also move a camper form to family forms and vice versa, though they're not able to retain existing submissions in those scenarios.

For more information on creating/managing forms, click here.

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