CampSite's Documents tool allows admins to retrieve data from a person's profile page and save it onto a PDF.

First, create the Document template to customize which information populates on the PDF (using merge fields to retrieve a specific person's data). Then, generate the Document for an individual person (via their profile) or for multiple people (via an advanced report).

Creating a Document

Create and save Document templates within the Admin page. Documents can be created for campers, families, staff, alumni, Event & retreat groups/guests, and/or donors.

Add a Document

  1. Access the Admin settings page
  2. Select the appropriate module tab
  3. Click Documents
  4. Click to "Add new document"

Specify the overall settings for the Document, including the size dimensions you prefer (in inches).

  1. Provide a name for the Document
  2. Specify the desired PDF width
  3. Specify the desired PDF height
  4. Click Submit to create the Document

Add Content to the Document

 To add content to a Document, double click the pencil icon to the left of the Document name. 

  1.  Add content within the text box.
  2. Insert merge fields into to this Document. Each merge field will generate data specific to whomever you're generating the Document for.
  3. If desired, merge a profile photo into the Document.
  4. Use the toolbar to format the content within the Document.

To demonstrate, here's an example of the content for a camper Document called "Printed Enrollment Form."

Note that merge fields only present the response on file for that field. If you want the document to label what the merge field data represents, you need to manually type plain text into the Document before you merge the field. In the example screenshotted above, plain text (which appears in black) precedes each merge field (which appear in blue). Looking at the "Name:" line as an example, when this Document is generated, the word "Name:" will precede the camper's actual first and last name.

See below for a screenshot of how the "Printed Enrollment Form" Document will look when it's generated for a specific camper.

Document Settings

  1. Double click to edit the body of the Document
  2. Double click to make a copy of the Document
  3. Double click to preview the Document
  4. Double click to change the Document name
  5. Double click to change the width of the PDF that will be generated
  6. Double click to change the height of the PDF that will be generated
  7. Double click to delete the Document
  8. Save changes that are made on this page

Generating a Document

 After a Document template is created, the Document can be either generated on an individual basis or in mass.

Generating an Individual Document

Generate a Document for one person via the person's profile page.

For example, to generate a camper Document for an individual camper, go to the camper's profile page.

  1. Click the Action Menu dropdown
  2. Click "Generate document"

A pop-up window will display listing all the Documents that exist for the pertaining module (e.g. in the screenshot above, all saved camper Documents). Click the name of the specific Document you wish to generate.

Next, a PDF of this Document will be generated for this person. Depending on your web browser's PDF settings, the PDF will either display in your browser, or be downloaded onto your computer.

Document PDF

Here's what the "Printed Enrollment Form" Document looks like when generated for a camper.

Generating Multiple Documents

Generate a Document for multiple people at once via the Advanced Reports page.

First, create an Advanced Report that contains all of the individuals you wish to generate a Document for.

  1. Click the Documents button in the report toolbar.

CampSite will generate a separate Document for each person in your report results.

  1. Choose whether or not to insert page breaks between each Document
  2. Click on the name of the Document you wish to generate

A confirmation message will display at the top of the screen to confirm that CampSite has begun generating your Documents. Once they've been generated, you'll receive an e-mail with from CampSite containing a link to download your Documents.


Within this e-mail, click the button that says "Click here to download" in order to access the Documents that have been generated.

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