Camper Profile: Transportation Tab


View the camper's transportation for a specific date and/or manage their transportation exceptions on a daily basis.

  1. Click a date on the calendar to view transportation data for that date.  You may only select dates relative to the sessions in which the camper is enrolled.
    • When a date is colored green, the camper has transportation data for that day.
    • When a date is colored gray, the camper does not have transportation data for that day.
  2. View the transportation data for the date selected on the calendar.
  3. Add an exception to the camper's transportation for this date.
  4. View the arriving transportation data for this date.
  5. View the departing transportation data for this date.

Adding a Transportation Exception

Edit a camper's default transportation method for a particular day by adding an exception.

  1. Choose the date for which you want to add a transportation exception.
  2. Click +Add exception...
  1. Choose which transportation direction the exception applies to.
  2. Choose the new transportation method.
  3. Make a note about the exception. Notes will be visible on the camper's profile and also on the "Transportation Exceptions" report.
  1. Transportation exceptions will be highlighted yellow on the transportation calendar.
  2. View the transportation exception details.
  3. Remove the exception and return to the camper's original transportation data for this date.

Session Group Tab

Access the camper's transportation data for a specific transportation session group by selecting the session group tab.

Here, you can view/edit the camper's overall transportation method and also manage their transportation charges and discounts.

  1. View the camper's transportation method for arriving to camp.
  2. View the camper's transportation method for departing from camp.
    • Double click the camper's current transportation details to edit them as needed.
  3. View the transportation transactions incurred for the camper's transportation selection(s). Click to add a new transportation transaction if needed, or double click the delete button to remove this transportation transaction from the camper's record.

Adding transactions will automatically post the associated fee/discount to the family's financial record.

Deleting a charge/discount will NOT remove the associated fee/discount from their record - you must manually reverse the transaction from the Financial tab of the family's profile page. 

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