Staff Advanced Reports

Advanced reporting allows you to easily create custom reports by pulling fields from various places within CampSite. Creating custom reports not only gives you the ability to see specific information about your Staff but also gives you the option to apply filters to narrow down your report results.

To create or view an advanced report, select "Advanced reports" from the Staff dropdown menu on the navigation bar.

  1. If you have any saved reports, you can select them from the dropdown. In this example, we will create a new report.
  2. Sessions: Click the "Sessions" link and select a session to populate all staff hired for that session.
    Statuses: Click the "Statuses" link and select a lead status to populate all un-hired staff labeled with that status. 

As an example, we'll create a report for Staff hired for Week 1, including date of birth, their Department name, their Division name for Week 1, and their contract due date.


To add fields to your report, click "+Add a field..."

Information is organized under the tabs Staff Info, Yearly Info + Bunking, Salary, Transportation, Medical, Application, Custom Fields, and Forms.

Yearly Info include information that changes on an annual basis, as well as data from Yearly forms.

From the Yearly Info field, we'll select "Department name" and "Division name".

Salary fields includes all information from the Yearly tab > Yearly info > Salary details of the Staff Profile page.

  1. From the Salary fields, we'll select "Contract due date".
  2. Once all fields have been selected, click the "X" to view your report.

Additional columns have been added to the report.

  1. Click and drag a field to re-order the columns on the report
  2. Double-click the red minus sign to remove a field
  3. Click a column header to sort data alphabetically or numerically


Any reportable field can also be added as a filter, which can be used to narrow down the results of your report.

We will add a filter to our report so it only includes female Staff.

Click "+Add a filter..."

To add our filter, we'll select "Gender" from the Staff Info tab.

The filter has been applied and the report now includes only female Staff.

Using reports

  1. Refresh the results without resetting the whole page.
  2. Print the report results.
  3. Send a mass e-mail to all of the individuals in the results.
  4. Send a mass text message to all of the report results.
  5. Export the report results as a spreadsheet.
  6. Share this report with other CampSite admins.
  7. Generate documents for all the individuals in your results.
  8. Generate labels for all the individuals in your results.
  9. Post the same note for each of the staff in your results.
  10. Download the profile photos of each of your report results.
  11. Edit the data on file in the fields you've added to the report.
  12. Identify which Staff forms the individuals in your results have not yet submitted.
  13. Advanced Reports Management

Click "Save" to save the report and generate it again in the future. Saving a report will save all the settings you've applied here. When you load a saved report, the results will be re-generated with the current information on file in your database.

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