Financial: Payment Methods

The Financial: Payment Methods section of the Admin menu allows you to control the payment methods accepted in CampSite.

  1. Choose which credit cards to accept as a payment method. To allow a particular card, select "yes" from the dropdown menu on the right.
  2. Select whether or not you wish to accept eCheck/EFT (ACH) as a payment method. Note that this option will only exist if your payment gateway provider has approved your account for ACH transactions.
  3. Select whether to enable "Check" as a payment method when checking out on the enrollment form. This option is only relevant to camps who use manual enrollment processing mode, as automatic enrollment processing requires electronic payment at checkout.
  4. If you enable "Check" as a payment method on the enrollment form, you can add custom instructions that display whenever parents select "check."
  5. Create additional payment methods. Click here to learn more.
  6. Double click to edit existing payment methods.
  7. Delete a payment method. Note that payment methods cannot be deleted if any transactions using this method exist in your database.
  8. Apply your changes.

Creating Custom Payment Methods

To record that a payment or refund was transacted via a method other than credit card, checking account, or check, create additional payment methods.

Click to add a new payment method.

Next, provide the details for this payment method.

  1. Name the payment method.
  2. Choose whether parents are able to select this method when checking out on the enrollment form.
    • This option only applies to camps using manual enrollment processing mode, because automatic enrollment processing requires that parents pay with an electronic payment method at checkout.
    • If you select 'No', this payment method will only be available to admin users.
  3. If you allow parents to select this payment method on the enrollment form, add instructions to present to parents who select this method.
  4. Add the payment method.
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