Financial: Payment Methods

From your Financial: Payment Method settings, you can control which payment methods are available in your CampSite database.

There are two overall "types" of payment methods in CampSite: Electronic and non-electronic.

  • Use electronic payment methods to transact payments/refunds via credit card and/or ACH (through your payment gateway).
  • Use non-electronic payment methods to record that a payment/refund already occurred (without actually transacting the funds).

To access your Financial: Payment Method settings, go to Admin>Campers>Financial: Payment methods.

Electronic Payment Methods

Your payment gateway provider will determine which electronic payment methods you've been approved to use for processing electronic transactions via CampSite. Each of those payment methods will then appear here.

Use the Yes/No toggle for each of you approved payment methods to enable or disable them in your database. When finished, click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen.

Please note: These settings apply to payments created by parents and administrators.

Custom (Non-electronic) Payment Methods

Non-electronic payment methods allow admin users to record that a payment or refund already occurred (without actually transacting funds again via your gateway).

Regarding your enrollment form checkout, note that you can't offer non-electronic forms of payment if you're using automatic enrollment processing mode.  Enrollment processing mode is designated in the General Options of your Enrollment Form Setup (on Step 8 of the Camper Setup Wizard).

  1. Choose whether to allow parents to select "Check" as a payment method when checking out on the enrollment form.
  2. If you enable "Check" as a payment method, you can add custom instructions that display whenever parents select to pay by "check."
  3. Add a custom non-electronic payment method.
  4. Edit existing custom payment methods.
  5. Save changes.

Add a Custom Payment Method

After clicking, "add payment method," you'll be asked to provide the following details:

  1. Name the payment method.
  2. Choose whether to offer this payment method to parents when checking out on the enrollment form.
    • If you select 'No', this payment method will only be available to admin users when they create payments/refunds via the family's profile.
  3. If you allow parents to select this payment method on the enrollment form, add instructions to present to parents who select this method.
  4. Add the payment method.

Edit Custom Payment Methods

  1. Rearrange the order in which payment methods appear when selecting a payment method.
  2. Double click to edit the payment method.
    • A payment method cannot be re-named if transactions have already been created using this method.
  3. Double click to delete a payment method.
    • A payment method cannot be deleted if transactions have already been created using this method.
    • If a payment method can't be deleted, you can still remove it from the enrollment form by double clicking the pencil icon and changing "Allow parent to select on enrollment form?" to No.
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