Adding a New Family

If needed, admin users can create a family's account on their behalf using the Add New Family tool.

To add a new family, click the Add New family link from the Campers menu on the navigation bar.

  1. Enter family name, lead source, lead source details.
  2. Enter the family's address and home phone.
  3. Enter Parent 1 (P1) details and contact information.
  4. Enter Parent 2 (P2) details and contact information.
  5. Click "Add family" to save.

Note: The only required field is the family's last name.

Click "OK" to confirm that you would like to add the family.

Next, you'll be directed to the family's profile page.

Adding Campers

If needed, admin users can also create camper accounts manually.

Adding Campers

To add Campers to the family, select "Add a camper" from the Family Profile page Action Menu.

  1. Enter the camper's name, gender, and grade.
  2. Click "Add camper".

Next, you'll be directed to the Camper Profile page. To add or edit fields of information, double-click the relative fields, add/edit the necessary information, and click OK to apply your changes.

Granting Access to the Parent Dashboard

Resetting Dashboard Password

If an admin user creates a family's account manually, the admin must also manually create the family's login credentials for accessing their account to the Parent Dashboard.

To create the family's login credentials, select "Reset Dashboard password" from the Action Menu of the family's profile.

  1. Enter a password.
  2. Or, auto-generate a random password by double clicking on the magic wand.
  3. Select which parents you would like to assign the password to, and choose whether to e-mail it to them.
  4. Click "Reset password" to apply your changes to the family's account.

Note that parents can change their password via the "My Account" page of the Parent Dashboard once they log in.

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