Camp Groups: Creating a new user

For general information on creating new users, please read our article on "Adding administrative users."


When creating a new user for a database that belongs to a camp group, a new option will appear that allows the user to also be created in all other camps within that group - granting that user a "unified login" across those camps. Users with a unified login will use the same e-mail and password to log into any camp within the group; once logged into a database, they can easily switch between camp databases within the group using the "camp group" menu.  

To simultaneously create a new user in multiple camps within the group, select to "Create this user" in the other camp databases within the camp group. This new user will then have an account in all camp databases for which they've been created, and can access each database using the same e-mail/password you've created here.

If a user template is applied when creating the user, the user will receive those same permissions in each camp database.

If the admin chooses to send this new user login instructions after creating their account, the user's "welcome" e-mail will contain links to each database for which the user has been created.

Note that an admin may only create a new user in a camp database for which they have the "DB Management" admin permission. If they do not have this permission for another camp database within the camp group, they will not be presented the option to create the new user in that camp.



When creating a new admin in other camp databases within my camp group, can I choose specific camps to create them for?

No - the new user will be created in all other camp databases within your camp group for which you have "DB Management" permissions. However, you can always delete a user from a single database within the group, as needed.


If a user has a unified login for multiple camps, can I still give them different permissions within each camp?

Yes - when editing the account settings for a user with a unified login, you will now be presented the option to choose whether or not to apply those changes to their linked accounts in other databases (or the present database only).

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