Camp Groups: Overview

Multiple CampSite databases that share an affiliation with each other can be linked together to form a "camp group" for a more seamless admin user experience, including:

Note that forming a camp group only impacts the admin user experience. The parent/staff/event dashboards will remain as separate portals for each database within the group.

Unified Administrators

When adding, deleting, or editing an admin user's account in a database that's part of a camp group, a new setting allows for those changes to also be applied to all other databases within the group. 

Deselecting this setting will allow the changes being made to apply to the present database only, so that the user can have different settings within each separate database. 

To report on which permissions users have across all databases within the camp group, generate the user permissions report

Unified Login Experience

After logging into one of the camp databases within a group, users can easily switch to different databases within their group without needing to enter their login credentials again. 

Unified Reporting

Linking multiple databases to form a camp group also provides the option to generate unified reports on the data across all databases within the group. Create a unified report to generate collective data from multiple databases, or report on each database individually.

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