Camp Groups: Overview

When multiple camp databases are added to the same "camp group," they're linked together to allow camps to create a unified set of admin users across all databases.  Those admin users can then utilize a unified login experience when accessing the databases within the camp group.

Unified Administrators

When adding, deleting, or editing an admin user's account within one of the databases in a camp group, a new option will now allow for those changes to be applied across all other databases in the camp, to easily maintain the same user settings across all databases.

If the camp would like to maintain different user settings within each individual database within the group, this setting can be de-selected so that the changes apply to the present database only.

Unified Login Experience

After logging into one of the camp databases within the group, users can easily access different databases within their group using the new "camp group" menu. After hovering over the "My Profile" link to open the "camp group" menu, the user can click another camp database (labeled by the camp's initials) to immediately log into that database - without needing to provide their login credentials.

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