Donor Profile Page Overview

  1. Donor photo and first/last name. Click the photo to upload a new image manually; double click first/last names to edit.
  2. Quick notes. Quick notes are not visible to donors, but will be visible to all admins who have access to the Donation + Extended payments module. Double click the to add/edit quick notes.
  3. Basic information.
  4. Yearly information (i.e. payments/donations and custom fields).
  5. Saved credit cards.
  6. E-mails sent to this donor.
  7. Files uploaded by an admin.
  8. History log of changes made to the donor's account.
  9. Action Menu, which contains all of the actions that an admin can take towards this donor's account.

Action Menu


  1. Send an e-mail to this donor.
  2. Generate a saved Donor document for this donor.
  3. Generate a saved Donor label for this donor.
  4. Reset the donor's password used for logging into their Donor Dashboard account.
  5. Permanently delete this donor (and all associated records) from the database.
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