General Donations Tab

Unlike extended payments which must be initiated by an admin, general donations are made at will by a donor for an amount of their choosing, These payments are not assigned to a family's balance like extended payments.

Learn how to use the General Donations tab of the Donor's profile page to:

Add a New General Donation

Manually post a general donation by clicking the "+ Add new general donation..." link.

  • Use this feature to post an electronic payment on the donor's  behalf, or to record that the donation was made outside of  CampSite (e.g. by check).

From the General Donations tab, click to "+ Add new general donation".

  1. Choose a payment method for the donation.
    To make a general donation via credit card or checking account, the credit card/checking account must be added to the donor's account prior to this step.
  2. Enter the amount for the donation.
  3. Click "add general donation."
    If you're adding a donation via credit card or checking account, the payment will begin processing as soon as you click "add general donation."

Edit a General Donation

Choose a different transaction category for the general donation to be allocated towards.

If you need to create a new transaction category for a donation, go to Financial > Camper financial tools >  Transaction categories.

Void/Refund a General Donation

Use the action buttons to refund or void a general donation.

To learn more about voiding payments, click here.

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