User Permissions (Campers)

For general information on managing user permissions, please read our Admin user permissions article.


After the Campers module is enabled for a user, you can grant the following permissions:


  • Edit: Permission to edit information within the Camper module (i.e. the data on each family and camper's profile).
  • Admin: Permission to control admin settings for the Camper module (i.e. all settings within the "Campers" tab of the Admin settings page; the ability to create/edit Camper Forms; access the Enrollment Analytics report; and create new divisions and bunks on the Camper bunking boards).
  • Enrollment processing: Permission to process enrollment requests and enroll campers.
  • Delete and merge: Permission to delete and merge family and camper profile pages.


  • Financial read: Permission to view basic financial information (such as transactions and payment methods) on family profile pages.
  • Post mass transactions from Advanced reports: Permission to post mass transactions from Advanced reports of the same transaction types they are permitted to create individually.
  • Create charges: Permission to post new charges to a family's account.
  • Create discounts: Permission to post new discounts to a family's account.
  • Create payments: Permission to post new payments to a family's account.
  • Create refunds: Permission to post new refunds to a family's account.
  • Create credits: Permission to post new credits to a family's account.
  • Reverse + void transactions: Permission to reverse and also void transactions of any type they have permission to create (as selected above).
  • Delete transactions: Permission to delete transactions of any type they have permission to create (as selected above).
  • Financial management: Permission to create and manage financial information on a family's profile, such as editing existing transaction details, adding/removing payment methods and payment schedules, and accessing "financial notes."
  • Financial reports: Permission to access all Camper financial reports on the Financial dashboard.
  • Financial admin: Permission to make global changes to financial settings (e.g. manage Invoicing and Auto pay, Enrollment discounts, Enrollment extras, Transaction categories, and Tuition plans)
    Note: Users with Financial Admin permission will also receive reminder emails if the invoicing steps for a primary payment schedule date are not completed on time. 
    1. The first reminder is sent 3 days after the payment schedule date if invoices have not been generated
    2. The second reminder is sent if invoices are not sent within 3 days of generation. 
    3. The third and final reminder is sent if the 'auto pay' step is not completed within 3 days of sending invoices.

Family + camper notes

  • Admin: Permission to create + manage notes categories for families and campers, and designate which users have access to view and create notes in those categories.
    • To allow an admin user to view notes on your camper or family profiles, go to Admin > Camper or Family tab > Notes > double click the pencil icon to edit the appropriate Notes category > Select users > Edit category > Save changes. 

Advanced Reports

  • View + manage Advanced reports*: Permission to access the Camper advanced reports page (i.e. create and save reports; manage advanced report categories).
  • Send e-mail from Advanced reports: Permission to send a mass e-mail to all parents and/or campers generated on a Camper advanced report.
  • Export spreadsheets from Advanced reports: Permission to download report results as a spreadsheet.
  • Mass field editing in Advanced reports: Permission to use the "Edit" button in the Camper advanced report toolbar to mass edit camper or family profile data.
  • Send text message from Advanced reports: Permission to send a mass text message to every parent generated in a Camper advanced report.

*By default, a new user will not have access to any saved advanced reports that were created prior to the user's account having been set up. To give the user access to existing saved reports, go to Advanced Reports Management.

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