Merging Duplicate Camper Accounts

This article explains how to merge duplicate camper accounts within the same family. If you have duplicate family accounts that need to be merged, follow these instructions instead.

If a family has created duplicate accounts for their camper, CampSite's "Merge Tool" allows you to merge the duplicate campers together while preserving the data from both accounts.

Important information regarding the merge process:

The Merge Tool will merge accounts by copying the data from one account (called the “source” account) into the other account (called the “destination” account), so that the destination account then contains both sets of data from both accounts. Afterwards, the source account is deleted so only the destination account remains.

However, certain data fields can only store one piece of data (e.g. first/last name, date of birth, question responses, form submissions, etc). In that case, if both of the camper's accounts have data one of those fields, CampSite will NOT copy the source camper's data and will only keep only the destination camper's data.

That said, when you're asked to select which camper is the source/destination during the merge process, know that this determines which data will be kept for fields that cannot hold more than one data entry. You should review both camper profiles before completing the merge to make sure you're making the right choice. Note their ID number in the URL bar for future reference during the merge.

Please also note that we cannot "undo" a merge that was completed incorrectly.

Completing the Merge

To begin, navigate to the family profile that contains duplicate campers.

Click the Action Menu to select “Merge into another family”.

  1.  For the "Destination Family ID," enter the family’s ID number (i.e. the same ID number listed at the top of the page).
  2. Click “Continue to next step.”

Next, you'll be presented each camper account within this (1) family.

On the left, identify which camper account you would like to designate as the "source account" (note the different ID numbers that distinguish the accounts).

When you've identified the source camper, click the dropdown menu to the right that says "Do nothing with this camper" and then select the destination camper account.

The Merge Tool will now show that the source camper will be merged into the destination camper. So, if there's duplicate sets of data where they can only be 1, CampSite will only maintain the data that's on file for the camper on the right.

Finally, you'll need to:

  1. Carefully read "How this merge tool works" to make sure you've designated the source/destination campers correctly
  2. Check mark that you've read and understand the implications.
  3. Click "Complete merge" to finalize the merge process.

Again, we cannot "undo" a merge, so please proceed with caution!

 After the merge is complete, you'll be redirected to the family's profile again, now containing a single account for the two campers that have been merged.

If both of the duplicate campers were enrolled for the same session(s) prior to the merge, navigate to the Financial tab of the family's profile to reverse any duplicated charges/refund any duplicate payments, if applicable. 

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