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CampSite's e-mail tool allows admins to send outgoing e-mail messages to parents, campers, alumni, staff, groups/guests, and donors.

E-mails can be composed just prior to sending; or, they can be composed in advance and saved for sending later. Saved e-mails are useful for messages you want to send repeatedly, eliminating the need to manually compose the message each time.

 There are 3 parts to composing an e-mail in CampSite:

  1. Applying the message settings
  2. Composing the message
  3. Specifying the recipients*

*E-mails cannot be sent when composing a saved e-mail, so the "recipients" section will not display.

Applying E-mail Settings

  1. Load a previously saved e-mail message. To compose a new e-mail message, do not select a saved e-mail.
  2. Type of E-mail: Choose whether this is a Marketing or Informational message. Learn more about these two e-mail types here.
    E-mail template: Apply a saved e-mail template.
    E-mail signature: Apply a saved e-mail signature.
  3. From: Specify the sender name that'll be displayed to your recipient.
    (email address): Specify which e-mail address should receive all replies parents send in response to this message.
    Subject: Edit the subject line for this e-mail.
  4. Attach a statement? Attach a PDF copy of the family's financial statement. Note: This option only displays on family-level e-mails.
    Attach document: Generate one of your saved CampSite Documents for each recipient and attach it as a PDF.
    Attachment: Upload a file from your computer and attach it to your message.

Composing a Message

  1. Add merge fields to the body of the email. When a merge field is added, CampSite will populate the recipient's data from that field into your message, personalizing your email to each recipient.
  2. Report toolbar: Format your e-mail message by adding content or changing the look of your text. Hover over each button to learn its function.
  3. Text editor: Type the body of your e-mail message.
  4. Save e-mail: Save the e-mail in your database (if you'd like to send this same message again).
    • If you're sending a mass e-mail to 10 or more recipients, saving your message will allow you to view the delivery statistics for all your recipients in a central location.

Copy this e-mail: Save a copy of this e-mail under a specific name.
Preview this e-mail: Preview what this e-mail will look like to your recipient.
Send test e-mail: Send a test to the e-mail address you enter before sending it to your actual e-mail recipients.

Specifying the Recipients

  1. BCC: Admins: Select other admin users in your database to BCC to this message.
    Additional BCCs: Type additional e-mail addresses to BCC to this message (separated by commas).
  2. Recipients: for the Campers module:  Select whether to designate P1/P2/D1/D2 parents as recipients.
  3. Reset Parent Dashboard passwords in mass.
  4. Manage your recipients by manually de-selecting anyone who should be excluded. Anyone de-selected will not receive your e-mail.
  5. Click "Send e-mail" to deliver your message to the selected recipients.
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