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CampSite's e-mail tool allows admins to send outgoing e-mail messages to parents, campers, alumni, staff, groups/guests, and donors.

E-mails can be composed just prior to sending; or, they can be composed in advance and saved for sending later. Saved e-mails are useful for messages you want to send repeatedly, eliminating the need to manually compose the message each time.

To learn how to send a mass-email, please click here instead.

Compose and Send the E-mail

 There are 4 steps to sending an e-mail in CampSite:

  1. Apply the overall e-mail settings
  2. Compose the message
  3. Specify the recipients**
  4. Send the e-mail**

**Note that e-mails cannot be sent when composing a new saved e-mail, so the recipients section/send button will not appear in that scenario.

Apply the Overall Settings

  1. Load a previously saved e-mail message. To compose a new e-mail message, do not select a saved e-mail.
  2. Type of E-mail: Choose whether this is a Marketing or Informational message. Learn more about these two e-mail types here.
    E-mail template: Apply a saved e-mail template.
    E-mail signature: Apply a saved e-mail signature.
  3. From: Specify the sender name that'll be displayed to your recipient.
    (email address): Specify which e-mail address should receive all replies parents send in response to this message.
    Subject: Edit the subject line for this e-mail.
  4. Attach document: Generate one of your saved CampSite Documents for each recipient and attach it as a PDF.
    Attachment: Upload a file from your computer and attach it to your message.

Compose the Message

Type your message into the input area. To merge specific data from the person's profile into your message, click "Add merge fields..." and select the relevant field(s).

Stylize your message (change the font, embed images or tables, etc.) using the toolbar above the text input area. Hover over each button to determine its function.

To copy/paste content from outside of CampSite,  use the 'paste' buttons in the toolbar first (highlighted in yellow above). Click here to learn more.

After your message is created, save the e-mail in your database if you'd like to send this same message again. If you're sending a mass e-mail to 10 or more recipients, saving your message will allow you to view the delivery statistics for all your recipients in a central location.

Copy this e-mail: Save a copy of this e-mail under a specific name.
Preview this e-mail: Preview what this e-mail will look like to your recipient.
Send test e-mail: Send a test to the e-mail address you enter before sending it to your actual e-mail recipients. (This button only appears when you're sending an email - not composing a saved email).

Select Recipients

If desired, select other admin users in your database to BCC to this message, and/or type additional e-mail addresses to BCC.

Otherwise, select which recipients should receive your message. For example, when sending an email from the camper's profile like in the example above, you can select any of the parents within the camper's family or select camper themselves (if the camper has an email address on file).

Send the E-mail

To send your email to the selected recipients, click the Send-email button as pictured above.

Click to confirm that you wish to send the email.

Once the email has been sent successfully, you'll see a confirmation message as pictured above.

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