Compose an E-mail

Whether you're composing an e-mail to save in your database or to send out, follow the steps below to create your e-mail message.


There are 3 parts to creating an e-mail in CampSite:

  1. Applying e-mail settings
  2. Composing a message
  3. Specifying the recipients*

*When composing a Saved E-mail in your Admin settings, part 3 (i.e. sending functions) will not appear.

Applying E-mail Settings

  1. Load a previously saved e-mail message. If you'd like to compose a new e-mail from scratch, do not select a saved e-mail from this menu.
  2. Type of E-mail: Choose whether this is a Marketing or Informational message. Learn more about these two e-mail types here.
    E-mail template: Apply a saved e-mail template.
    E-mail signature: Apply a saved e-mail signature.
  3. From: Specify the sender name that'll be displayed to your recipient.
    (email address): Specify which e-mail address should receive all replies parents send in response to this message.
    Subject: Edit the subject line for this e-mail.
  4. Attach a statement? Attach a PDF copy of the family's account statement. Note: This option only displays on family-level e-mails.
    Attach document: Generate one of your saved CampSite Documents for each recipient and attach it as a PDF.
    Attachment: Upload a file from your computer and attach it to your message.

Composing a Message

  1. Add merge fields to the body of the email. When a merge field is added, that particular piece of data from the recipient's CampSite profile page will be incorporated into your message, allowing you to personalize your email to each recipient. Note: Merge fields vary between camper and family-level e-mails.
  2. Report toolbar: Format your e-mail message by adding content or changing the look of your text. Hover over each button to learn what that function is.
  3. Text editor: Type your e-mail message.
  4. Save e-mail: Save your current e-mail settings and message as a saved e-mail in your database (if you'd like to send this same message again). If you're sending a mass e-mail to 10 or more recipients, saving your message will allow you to view the delivery statistics for all your recipients in a central location.
    Copy this e-mail: If you loaded a previously saved e-mail but then changed it here, save this new version as a different saved e-mail.
    Preview this e-mail: Preview what this e-mail will look like to your recipient.
    Send test e-mail: Send a test to the e-mail address you enter before sending it to your actual e-mail recipients.

Specifying the Recipients

  1. BCC: Admins: Select other admin users in your database to BCC to this message.
    Additional BCCs: Type additional e-mail addresses to BCC to this message (separated by commas).
  2. Recipients: Select all P1/P2/D1/D2 parents to designate as recipients.
  3. Reset Parent Dashboard passwords in mass.
  4. Manage your recipients by manually selecting/de-selecting each individual recipient, or, select all/none. Only recipients selected here will be sent your e-mail.
  5. Click "Send e-mail" to deliver your message above to the recipients you've specified in this section.
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