Enrollment Analytics Report

The Enrollment Analytics Report allows you to easily compare enrollment data between years! Simply load a report for a given year, select the comparison year and click the 'Compare to' button below the report filters. If a 'Date of enrollment' filter is used on the report, the same date range will be used as a filter in the 'Compare to' year, making it easy to compare enrollment metrics for a given time period.

  1. Select from a list of saved reports that a User has created.
  2. Info and saving options for Admin created reports.
  3. Select the year for the report you are creating.
  4. Show filters (see below).
  5. Print the report.
  6. Export as a spread sheet.
  7. Show details (see below).
  8. First select a year then click 'Compare to'.  This will show you the difference between the years you have selected.  
  9. Add session group (see below)
  1. By clicking on 'Show filter' a new container will be displayed to show all of the different ways to filter a report.
  2. Here if you click 'Show detail' you can sort the report by grouping together: session groups (which you can create below), divisions, or bunks.  
  3. By adding a session group you can group together sessions within different bundles, or just by commonalities with in the session titles. (i.e. all sessions with the word 'Week' in the title)
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