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When you're ready to begin enrolling campers and hiring staff for the next camp year, it's time to begin the 2-step Database Rollover process.  for easily setting up your enrollment form/staff application for next year within your CampSite database. Our simple, easy-to-use Rollover Wizard will guide you through this process every step of the way.

Step 1 opens up the following year in your database, while walking you through the set up of your enrollment form/staff application for the following year. Your current camp year will still remain open, so you can operate both camp years as needed. Once your current camp season is complete, you'll complete Step 2 of the Rollover Wizard to close out the previous camp year. 

To access the Rollover Wizard,  go the Admin page and select the DB management tab  (Admin > DB Management > Rollover wizard).

Step 1: Begin Enrolling / Hiring for 2019

During Step 1, the Rollover Wizard will present you with each part of your current year's enrollment setup. For each section, you'll select whether or not you'd like to copy over that existing setup to the new camp year. If you'd like to set up the new camp year differently, you're free to add new items to your setup after the Rollover is complete. You can also edit items that you choose to copy over below.

  1. Please read the "Important information" section before starting the rollover process. In particular, please note that if you have any sessions still in progress for the current camp year, you should only perform Step 1 of the Rollover, and wait until all sessions for that year are finished before completing Step 2.
  2. Starting with, "Enrollment Options," click through each section on this page and carefully review which parts of your current enrollment setup you'd like to copy over to the following year. 
  3. Once all sections have been reviewed, click "Submit Rollover Wizard."  This will open up the options for the new year, but leave the previous years options still available.  

Step 2: Set 'current year' to 2019

Step 2 of the Rollover asks you to confirm that you're ready to close out the previous camp year (meaning you no longer need to enroll/un-enroll campers or hire/un-hire staff for that year). By confirming, CampSite will then close out enrollment/hiring for the previous year and update your "current year" in CampSite.

  1. First, confirm that you're ready to your current camp year is finished (ie. all sessions from the previous enrollment year are completed and your camp no longer needs to have two active enrollment/hiring years open) and that you're ready to update your "current year".
  2. Click "set current camper and staff years to 2019" to complete the Database Rollover.
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