Rollover Wizard

When you're ready to begin enrolling campers/hiring staff for the following year, it's time to begin the 2-step Database Rollover process.

Step 1 opens the following year in your database so that you may begin enrollment/hiring for the following year. During this step, CampSite will offer to copy your previous year's settings to the following year (so that you don't need to re-configure settings that you plan to use again). After you confirm which settings you'd like to copy over and submit Step 1, enrollment/hiring will be enabled for the following year. To make changes to the enrollment/registration/application form for the following year, visit the Setup Wizard, select the following year, and edit items as needed. 

Step 2 closes the previous camp year for any further registration/hiring activity, and designates the following camp year as the default year in the system. With that, Step 2 should not be completed until your previous camp season is over (i.e. all of your sessions/events under the previous year have ended) as you can no longer enroll/un-enroll or hire/un-hire staff for the year once that year is closed out.

Note: You may still create financial transactions (e.g. take payments) under previous years after Step 2 has been completed.

To access the Rollover Wizard, go to the Admin page and select the DB management tab  (Admin > DB Management > Rollover wizard).

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete Step 1 of the rollover process, click here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete Step 2 of the rollover process, click here.


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