Rollover Wizard

When you're ready to begin enrolling campers/hiring staff for the following year, it's time to begin the 2-step Database Rollover process.

To access the Rollover Wizard, go to the Admin page and select the DB management tab  (Admin > DB Management > Rollover wizard).

1. Step 1 opens the following year in your database so that you may begin enrollment/hiring for the following year. During this step, CampSite will offer to copy your settings from last year so that you don't need to re-configure settings that you plan to use again). Continue through each section and confirm what you'd like to copy over. When you're done reviewing each section, click the "Submit" button at the bottom to submit Step 1. Once you submit, enrollment/hiring will be enabled for the following year. For detailed instructions on how to complete this step, read our Step 1 support article.

2. Step 2 closes the previous camp year and prevents all registration/hiring activity, attendance logging, and medication delivery for that year. The following camp year is then set as the default year in the database. With that, Step 2 should not be completed until your previous camp season is over (i.e. all of your sessions/events under the previous year have ended). For detailed instructions on how to complete this step, read our Step 2 support article.

  • Note: You may still create financial transactions (e.g. take payments) under previous years after Step 2 has been completed.
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