Rollover Wizard

If you are ready to rollover your camp's database to the next year and begin enrollments you may want to read through this section to see how it is done.

You first go to the DB management tab under Admin (Admin>DB Management>Rollover wizard) to access the Rollover wizard.

The rollover process is divided into two parts.  Step One allows a camp to rollover selected fields in CampSite to have for the following enrollment year.  For example if there were enrollment sessions, or Staff positions that remained the same from the previous year they can be moved to the next year with updated dates.  

Step 1: Begin Enrolling / Hiring for 2019

  1. Please read the Important information before starting the rollover process.  One thing to note is if you have sessions carrying over from the previous year Users should only preform Step One of the rollover wizard to ensure they still have control over those sessions.  Once all sessions that started in the previous year have finished, and the camp is ready to commit all functionality to the current year, then they should submit Step Two of the rollover process.  
  2. Each section opens up to reveal all of the sections that can be rolled over to the next year's options.  (note that within each Payment schedule option the dates must be made unique in order to proceed with the rollover)
  3. Once all desired fields have been selected you may submit the rollover wizard.  This will open up the options for the new year, but leave the previous years options still available.  

Step 2: Set 'current year' to 2019

Submitting Step Two allows the User to confirm that they are through with all options from the previous enrollment year, have no need to have two years open/available anymore, and are ready to proceed by setting CampSite to the current year.

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