Financial improvements release for Thursday, October 27th

Today marks the sixth release of our planned financial system improvements for 2016. 

(Note that financial improvements will continue over the next several releases, and future updates will be included in our standard release notes. This will be the final stand-alone e-mail for financial updates).

In this release, we’ve implemented several commonly requested improvements to our invoice batch process:

  • In addition to setting all invoices to the same fixed amount, you can now set all invoice amounts to a certain percentage of the family’s balance for that payment schedule.
  • You can now opt to not include the payment coupon for non-Auto Pay families when sending an invoice batch.

Significant improvements have been made on the Family Profile ‘Transactions’ tab:

  • Electronic payments (‘Credit card’ and ‘Checking account’ payments) are now presented as one line item on the Family Profile. The category breakdown and descriptions for the individual transactions that constitute the payment can be viewed and edited in the transaction info modal.
  • Users who have permission to reverse a certain transaction type can now un-reverse these transaction types as well. Un-reversals will be recorded in the family’s history tab.
  • Transaction descriptions can now be edited in the transaction info modal by double-clicking to edit.

We’ve also added ‘Payment schedule’ as a filter and a field to the Transaction Log, allowing you to easily see which transactions are not assigned to payment schedules.

We appreciate all of the feedback our users have contributed to help make our financial improvements a success. We encourage you to continue to submit suggestions to - all feedback is greatly appreciated and taken into consideration when planning future development work.

If you have any questions about this release, please feel free to reply directly to this e-mail.

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