Financial improvements release for Monday, October 10th

Next week marks the fifth release of our planned financial system improvements for 2016.

CampSite’s accrual accounting system is currently an optional module that helps camps track revenue for camp sessions. It allows camps to track how much money individual sessions have earned, as well as allowing them to assign discounts and extras to specific sessions for reporting purposes. This functionality has proven to be an essential component for many camps’ financial reporting.

As of this release, the accrual accounting system will be available as part of CampSite’s core financial system. The module will be automatically enabled for all existing camps, as well as new camps moving forward. We believe that integrating this system into the standard Campsite financial system will help address the camp program reporting challenges that many of our camps face. Camps that are satisfied with their existing financial system and reporting can continue using CampSite financials as they have been, with no changes required.

Camps do not need to take any action in order to take advantage of this new reporting, but we recommend reviewing the new Tracking Camp Program Financials in CampSite article in order to understand the basic concepts and how best to take advantage of the available reporting.

If you have any questions about this release, please feel free to reply directly to this e-mail.

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