Guest Profile: Yearly Info Tab

Yearly Info

Registration Requests

View the guest's registration requests for the given year. Double click the PDF icon on the far left to download the associated registration contract.

Event tabs

Each event the guest has registered for will have a tab that contains more information regarding that event. Select the tab to view more information.

Attendee Questions

View the guest's responses to the attendee questions associated to this particular event. Double click a response to edit it.

Attendee Extras

View/edit the attendee extras associated with the guest's account for this particular event.

To add an extra, click "Add attendee extra..." The associated fee for the extra will be added to the guests's financials automatically.

To remove an extra, double click the delete icon. Deleting an extra does not remove the fee automatically. To remove the associated fee, navigate to their Financial page and reverse the relevant charge.


View/edit the guest's housing details for this particular event. To make changes, double click the name of the building or room the guest is currently assigned to and select a different value. Click OK to save changes.

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